Origin-AS:9924 TFN-NET Taiwan Fixed Network
Net name:TTN-TW Taiwan Telecommunication Network Services Co.,LTD. 110 , 8F , No 89 , Sung Jen RD , Taipei
Route description:Taiwan Fixed Network
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dns delegation
The IP address There are six host names that point to the IP address . All of those point only to that IP address. One of them use the five name servers dns1 , dns2 , dns3 , ... www.robtex.comwww.robtex.com:

examples: gg.gg gravoplex.com ks.edu.tw mba94.us reallyquiteuseful.com www.ketmob.com.sex.com xooit.com banners.webmasterplan.com www.biboba.ru textime.ru residentevil5-1.tk

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